Fun old-timey stuff at Fort Langley
Starting to get out and about
Bah humbug, friends. After three years of being lucky, I almost believed our family might never get Covid. Perhaps we had some sort of special…
Hello, friends. We’ve been really lucky with the weather over the past two weeks. Everywhere we’ve gone, people have told us stories about the recent…

December 2022

4000 weeks! There's no time to waste.
It's good to be home.
Plus: Do you want to see a toad resting on a shampoo bottle?
Hello, friends. As we wind down our time in Costa Rica, I’ve been looking through our photos and reliving all that we have experienced. Time has moved…
Plus: bonus baby turtle pics!

November 2022

She's a homeschooling mom who helps other homeschooling parents
Our search process
Meet the principal (for now) of TIDE Academy