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I think you have the right attitude and approach to quitting. When our kids commit to something, especially a group activity like sports, we are insistent that they keep going. But when it's an individual activity, we weigh the costs of persevering or quitting. We let our daughter quit swim team when she tried it for the first time because we recognized that she was facing a significant struggle and wasn't be supported by the coaches who were supposed to be guiding her. Plus, it was a FAMILY commitment both in cost and time, so we gladly took our weekends back. I desperately wanted her to keep taking piano, but finally decided that the fight to get her to practice wasn't worth it, no matter how much I wanted her to do it. But our kids also have found activities they love that they stick to, even when it gets hard. Theatre and choir for our daughter, sports for our son. And I think they are doing ok 😉

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